Friday, 22 August 2014


The number 13 has various meanings and associations depending on what culture you are referring to. I have always known it as lucky number 13. Tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter (FED) will have surgery 13 on her brain. She had number 12 yesterday and number 13 is scheduled for

But let's backtrack a little.

The husband and I arrived in the city and headed straight to the hospital, where both girls had arrived by ambulance. Before we arrived, the ED doctor  had performed an MRI which surprisingly looked good, maybe even better than last time. 

Luckily the consultant wasn't as convinced. The FED looked anything but good. Something was wrong. He said the only way he would know for sure was to go back into the brain and do more work.

Maybe she has a tummy bug?
Maybe the stent in her brain is blocked? 
Maybe the fistula has re grown? 
Each suggestion seemed worse than the previous one.

Usually my daughter is placid and cheery. Today she was anything but. She was furious and I don't blame her. You see today was her special day with the I AM PROJECT. Today she was having a photo shoot and getting hair, makeup and photos done. Nowhere in the planning was hospital mentioned. NOT FAIR.

The rant continued. University was going well. She had assignments due and people she would let down if she didn't attend. WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING?

Sometimes as a parent you don't have the answers. This was one of those times. I let her be but I could tell that this was the final straw. Not even the sight of her favourite doctor cheered her up. NOW I WAS WORRIED.

Surgery number 12 began.
There was a blockage but she had come to the ED quickly so it was able to be fixed.
More work which had been planned for September was done there and then. May as well get some advantage of the general anaesthetic!

And meanwhile we waited.
Nine hours later the news was good. We even got to speak to our drowsy girl. The downside - back in to finish off in two days. Oh no! Health must come first but she has tickets to a football match she desperately wants to go to. I think I'll hide when he tells her that she can't go. Yet another disappointment. NOT FAIR.

A more resigned daughter greets us today. She is flat on her back and can't 
move till the next surgery. I don't know how she does it. She knows about the football but doesn't say much. My heart breaks. She is being sensible. She shouldn't have to be so sensible all the time. 

Till next


  1. Tears :'( she deserves her share of FAIR soon... Thinking lots about you all from far away

  2. Does your daughter have LDD?! (Lhermitte-duclos Disease)

  3. Hi Heather no she doesnt. Her condition is not a tumor. It's a dural fistula. Hers is very aggressive and she has been fighting it all year.

    1. (I don't get your replies unless you "reply" to my comment.) I haven't heard of that...where is it located? It requires many surgeries? I know I need to go back and read the beginnings of your blog to get more of the back story. :) Hope she recovers quickly.


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