Friday, 3 April 2015


There are times when life gets really lonely. My husband is at work, my children and family live 450km away and everyone I know in this town is at work during the day. So, thank God for my blog because it has allowed me to make new friends all over the world and keep some level of sanity.

One or two of them have become really good mates and today I would like to introduce you to  one of these people from the USA. She is a blogging queen!

She has asked me to take part in ASK AWAY FRIDAY and as she has been a great support for me in my blog, is a wealth of information and (despite her personal circumstances) always has time for a chat and some advice, I agreed. Introducing the lovely Lysa Wilds from  the blog WELCOME TO MY CIRCUS

So, apparently this " game" takes place on a Friday, and the way this works is I ask her ten questions which she has to answer on her blog, and she gives me ten questions which I have to answer on my blog. I will probably stuff something up (its my first time), but here goes nothing...

We went with a theme of Australia vs USA and these are the questions I sent Lysa. To see her answers you will have to go to the link above.

1.Without thinking too hard or cheating (I'm watching), write down the first ten things that come to mind when you think about Australia

2. From talking to me and other Australian bloggers, what do you think the biggest difference between Americans and Australians is?

3. If I came to visit you in your hometown, where would you take me visiting? What would I need to see or do in your town?

4. What uniquely American food would you have me taste and why?

5. Finish this sentence - if I didn't spend so much time blogging, I would...

6. If you could be an Australian for a day, what would you want to do?

7. What blogging moment has had the biggest impact on you and why?

8. Can you see a time when your life will no longer be a circus?

9. Today an Australian man won $1000000 on a game show. If we assume its the same amount in American dollars, what would you spent the money on in the USA if the winner had been you?

10. Being Italian, I'm sure you have some great family celebrations. How will you be celebrating Easter in the USA?

And is what she asked me! 
1. I just had to ask you the same question you asked me… What are the first 10 things that 
come to mind when you think about the United States? And, like you said no cheating.

OK , this is easy because we have been brought up on American shows all our life. So, my ten things in order of popping into my head are Happy Days with Fonzie, school proms, Days of our Lives, hotdogs, Hollywood, The Academy Awards, September 11, Obama and Ellen de Generes. Oops I think I watch too much TV!!! And I forgot Oprah, Judge Judy and Dr Phil.

2.  I have heard the saying “a dingo ate my baby” all of my life… Did a dingo ever really eat a baby? And, what in the world is a dingo anyway?

Uluru ( once called Ayer's Rock)
 This was said by a lady called Lindy Chamberlain back in 1980, when she was on a holiday to Uluru . She claimed a 
dingo ( a type of wild dog) took her baby
from her tent. The body of the baby was never found and Lindy served time for the alleged murder. She was later acquitted and released. Whatever happened to her daughter Azaria has never been resolved.

A dingo

3.  What are a few things that Americans do that Australians think are rather weird?

I don't know if I can speak on behalf of all Australians but Americans are very, very patriotic 
to their country, their armed forces, their flag. Its not that Australians don't have respect for 
the same institutions. We just don't appear to be patriotic in the same way.I also find Halloween a bit weird, but its actually getting popular here (probably for all the wrong reasons) so I'll get used to it.

4.  Is eating kangaroo meat really a normal and common thing to do in Australia? If so what does it taste like?

Kangaroo is readily available in all supermarkets. Its quite popular because it is super low fat. I like kangaroo sausages but if kangaroo steak is not cooked properly it tastes like boot leather. Its a gamey taste. I find its better in a casserole with flavourings or cooked like a stew in a slow cooker. Not one of my favourites, but I will eat it if I have to. The kangaroo tail makes beautiful soup apparently and this is one of my husband's all time favourites. I have never eaten the soup.

5.  If I were to come visit you would I randomly see crocodiles, kangaroos, and koala bears roaming around everywhere? Like if we were looking out your window would a 
kangaroo just come hopping by?

The only thing you would see out of my window are cars and the neighbours. Crocodiles in the wild are in the northern parts of Australia. I live in the Midwest. I've never seen a koala out of captivity and I'm not even sure the west is where they are...more over east. You might see kangaroos on the trip between my town and Perth especially at sunrise or sunset. Emus are also quite likely.

6.  What are five things or places here in the US that you would absolutely HAVE to see/visit if you came here?

New York where my friend Lori lives, Las Vegas to see a show, Hollywood ( of course), Statue of Liberty and ground zero memorial. And I need to go shopping because clothes are so much cheaper there than here. ( I can count - promise)

7.  What five things or places here in the US you would absolutely NOT want to see/visit if you came here?

This is hard because I like all new experiences. I hate seeing poverty because I want to help and can't. So, I would hate to see homelessness or ghettos. Again, this is very much TV influenced. Also I'm not into religious zealots but am interested in different religious based ways of life like the Amish. Not sure what else...hard one! I would hate to see any situation where the law is in full swing. Sometimes, America feels very dangerous, but hey lately Australia is having its fair share of problems.

8.  Here in the US there’s a rather big difference in our culture/way of life depending on which part of the country you are in. Is it the same there in Australia? If so what are the major differences?

Yes, there are differences. Firstly the climate is different. The north is very tropical whereas the south is much colder and greener. Western Australia is sometimes three countries in one just based on landscape and climate alone. 

Things are very expensive in the West. We have very inflated prices for real estate and food. Also our culture is heavily sports based so we all have our state football teams we follow passionately. Country people seem more communicative all over Australia, city people less so. People in the country may live hundreds of thousands of kilometres from each other. This is a very big country.

 Another difference is that each state has a different migrant heritage. For example, there is 
a strong German heritage in South Australia, whereas other states have Italian, Greek and Maltese migrants. All parts of Australia have a strong Asian culture these days.Accents are slightly different in some places, but the slang is very much the same regardless where you live.(If you are interested in the weird Aussie slang, try the following website and let me know what you think!)
Westcoast Eagles - my favourite Australian football team!
9.  From your experience talking to me and other American bloggers what are some of our sayings or words that you find funny/strange? Have you ever had to Google something to find out what the heck we were talking about?

Remember that video I sent you? It cleared up lots.

 The main one is that people keep trying to correct my spelling! I can spell thank you Americans, but here its favourite NOT favorite etc. Also apparently we go to the O.R not to theatre. Again, thanks to TV, I basically understand most things. The one thing I don't get, which bores me silly here too, is American politics.

10.  What is one thing in or about Australia that you are most proud of or embarrassed of? 

I am really proud of how supportive Australians are in times of crisis. for example, a young girl in my town needs emergency medical treatment overseas and the town have so far raised over $50 000 towards this. Aussies are always the first to help out. The concept of mateship here is very strong and we've seen it in bushfires, floods, cyclones etc

One thing I am embarrassed about is an element of society which is racist. Australia prides itself on being multicultural and anybody who enters the correct way ( ie no illegal immigrants) is welcome. Anybody who is racist towards another Australian on the basis of their skin colour, their religion, their sexuality to me deserves to be kicked out. Unfortunately, this white supremacy attitude still exists and did actually rear its ugly head in the news yesterday.

WOW! I think I got them all!
Hope you guys enjoyed that. Remember to head to Lysa's blog to find out her answers to my questions.Thanks to Lysa for all her patience with me!

Lots of love and

Till next  ST

PS - watch the link below and come visit some time!


  1. Great fun. Thanks Lysa xxx

  2. Oh my gosh I loved all of your answers! I will definitely go check out that slang website it sounds interesting. Sorry it has taken me ALL day to get over here but I've been sleeping and my husband just woke me up. I will come back and read this again when I'm a little more awake! ;-)

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

  3. I can only imagine a foreigner's view of American politics. You ought to live it! Australia has always been the number one choice for me as a country to visit if I ever have the opportunity to go international. I'm fascinated with Sydney and Melbourne and would love to see the Outback.

    1. You are very welcome and to be honest I hate politics full stop.

  4. Wonderful to meet you! About an hour or so from where I live in Illinois, is an Amish community. We love to go down there to visit...they have some of the most wonderful baked goods, cheeses, jellies, and all kinds of other treats, at their stores. I am not sure that our politicians even get our politics! LOL! Have to also say that I think hateful people should just go away from anywhere. :) Wishing you a great weekend!

    1. Am fascinated by the Amish way of life. One day I'll come visit!!!

  5. Great post, interesting to hear your answers!

    1. Does it make sense if I say we are similar but oh so different?

  6. Hi Suzi! I'm an immigrant in the USA so your points of view were really interesting for me. Also I'd love to see Australia some day :)

    1. Practise some of the slang before you come!!!

  7. I have never been to the US but popped over to Melbourne for a 3 day business trip and loved it. We didn't do the tourist things, as we didn't have time, but took the alternative route. I think racism is everywhere, unfortunately, even where I live, Singapore (you'll be surprised to know!). Anyway, I loved this post and had fun reading it!

    1. Melbourne is for amazing coffee, shopping and amazing cheap food. Happy you have seen some of my country xx

  8. I have been to Melbourne once and want to go back. I love Australia (my kids think I love it too much) and my goal is too retire there. Thanks for a great blog.

    1. Take a tour. It's so big and so different. Lots to see and do. Xx

  9. This was very interesting, thanks! I loved reading the questions and the answers. About #2, they did find out what happened to the baby I think it was last year. Dingo did indeed eat the baby. I'm not sure how they came to that conclusion. Unsolved stories, esp crime, interest me which is why that news report caught my attention.

    It is funny what you said about the patriotism, I was just reading a forum post talking about how some countries do not like to do overt displays of patriotism for fear it may be taken in the wrong way, like they support regimes of the past. Americans tend to love America and all things America no matter what the connotation. Take, for instance, all the people still displaying the Civil War flags.

    Thanks for the look into your country!

    1. Hi Kim, you might find this interesting

      There will never be a way of knowing exactly what happened but it's kept Australians talking for years.

  10. What a great swap! Americans get bored of American politics too...and I learned a lot about Australia today!

  11. What a great post I really enjoyed today Suzi T and as being born and bred in NY, now an Aussie who calls Australia home since 1997, I do hope you get in touch with me! Joanne What's On The List
    Hopping over to Lysa's blog to say G'day too!


      Enjoyed this so much did another one today. Hopping over to visit your blog now.


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