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Something that I have not shared on this blog is that a few weeks ago, after my first day of work experience, I had another seizure. The cause? My brain switched back into full time work mode and I started stressing and was also way too tired. These are common symptoms that contribute to a seizure occurring, and that of course is what happened.

You may remember reading in a previous blog that I had a seizure back in late January. The neurologist told me that if I was to have another one within a month of the last one, I wouldn't be able to drive for a year. And on Thursday, I officially received that news- No driving until the 21st of February 2019.  

I remember at 17 being so excited when I got my licence. I was finally independent and could go anywhere without needing my parents to drive me.  Never did I think that in my early 20's that I couldn't drive for a year on two seperate occasions. An age were independence, work and socialising is a major part of my life.

After a few days of being down in the dumps about this, I've finally managed to pick myself up and look at this situation in a positive manner. The situation sucks and I know at times I will regularly get down about it, but at the moment it's time to carry on with life and keep going. In addition to doing this, I am requiring help in the following areas. So, feel free to apply for the following job. Requirements are as follows:
  • I require several chauffeurs to drive me around. In return I will give you a chauffeur name, but you are welcome to suggest a name yourself. So far I have 'Driving Miss Daisy' and 'Aunty Uber.' 
  • You must be able to chat with me and keep me entertained . I love talking to other people and listening to their stories. It's one of the reasons why I've always wanted to be a journalist. I just find people so fascinating and I want to tell their stories. 
  • You need to provide me with some ongoing suggestions for good podcasts for when I'm on public transport, especially any that are uplifting and around the topic of female empowerment. 
  • I also need someone to suggest good 'walking shoe' brands. Although I'm not needing them just now, I know that I will get to a point during the year when I will. As this topic bores me silly, your advice will shorten the process.
  • I will also be needing a lot of strength and positive vibes around me. This is very important and one that is essential.  I really don't want candidates to be consistently sympathetic towards me. I just need your positive vibes to help me get through this period. I will be forever thankful if you are able do this. You can also provide chocolate, but not wine as Dr Meany took that away too. Ability to provide chocolate is highly regarded for this position,

For more information, please personal message the 'Chronicles of a Lumpy Person' Facebook page.

CLOSING DATE: Ongoing until the 21st of February 2019.

Until next time...

AT xx

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