Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Apparently I have some new readers and this amuses me no end because I can't for the life of me understand what people find so interesting.  But then I suppose it's an unusual life I lead, with its fair
share of drama and maybe people find that interesting.  Who knows? Welcome wherever you are from. Thanks for stopping by.

So it's deja vu. Once again all roads have led to the Mount Hospital and once again we are in limbo as we wait for surgery. I am overwhelmed by how brave my FED ( favorite eldest daughter) has been and in awe of her resilience and strength. I don't think many people faced with the surgery she is going to have would be as strong. Or would they? One thing I've learned over the years is that in times of crisis, we surprise ourselves with our ability to cope.

Mind you for a minute today I thought I wouldn't live to see this operation. Coming out of a local deli I had to run out of the way as a buffoon with a big car almost ran me down. Close call and a few expletives later and we were once again on our way. Not sure if it was the running or the hit which would have finished me off but...positive thoughts....fixed and well...all that matters today...unless I catch the ***** again in which case.......

Nine hours to go. Sleep evades me so I pop two sleepers. I need to sleep. When I'm over tired I think of all the bad things, all the things which could go wrong. I worry constantly. The husband and I have decided not to go in to the hospital till it's over. For a very expensive hospital there is nowhere decent in ICU to sit and wait. What's available is small and airless. It has no coffee, no close toilet and no to stay home till it's over and watch Ellen!

And now it's morning and she's been in theatre for two hours already. For the first time today I thought I could feel the point she went under. Yes, the stress is getting to me so I think I'm staying in bed till I have to move.
Messages of support are pouring in from around the world. This once again gives me great peace knowing that hands are linked to offer us all support and prayers. I have no doubt that the Good Lord continues to be on the case. It's the only thing that gets me through...and drugs.

The husband is walking around in circles. The FYD ( favorite youngest daughter) has gone off to her course pale and tired. It's a hard week for her in more ways than one. For the first time in a while I really miss Harry.

Its now two days later and it's taken a while to finish this blog for a number of reasons. The main reason is we are physically and mentally exhausted.The surgeon was not able to complete what he wanted to do because it was just too risky. I thank God for a surgeon who is not a cowboy and who put our daughter first. But the bottom line here is that this method has not turned out how we wanted. This means we need to take up plan B and this means going back to the neuro team at the other hospital. Very disappointing but it is what it is. This nightmare is not over yet.

Please keep the circle of prayers and good wishes going. We really appreciate and need it.

Till next time xxx

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