Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Today was a day to catch up on ME. While my daughter has been unwell, I have put myself on the back burner, but now that she's doing well, its time to sort myself out.Its time to reschedule some minor surgery and attend some appointments to monitor my Cowden's syndrome. 

Job 1 - ring plastic surgeon's rooms:

"Can I please re-schedule my day surgery?"
"Sure...what's changed?"
"Er... what do you mean?"
"How many lumps?"
(They know me well)
"About five - left arm, right arm and back."
"Ok...see you in three weeks."

Just like that! No consult...straight to the knife, just like I want it to be.

Job 2 - ring another of my specialists:

"I need to see Dr E"
"Do you have a referral?" (silly woman doesn't know she's speaking to a professional patient)
"Yes of course I have a referral."
"Well, he's at a conference...then he's on holidays...then he's having some time off...then he needs to catch up on all his patients...first available is March!"
(snore...wake me up when you've finished!)
"Sorry, I don't think that's going to suit me! "(gives explanation to boring receptionist...slightly exaggerated cos that's how you play the game)
"See you in two weeks."
"That was easy!"

Job number 3 - meeting with boss! This one was in person though I did think of ringing him when I saw how cold it was outside.

"Are you coming back?"
"Sure but can I have first term off...and second...and third.."
" me reasons to extend your leave."
( an hour later)
"Do I still have a job?"

Job number 4 - appointment with psychologist, also in person.

"How are you?"
(Bursts into tears) - "I'm full of lumps, the receptionist is difficult, I don't know if I have a job..."

Job number 5 - housework
Put on washing, fold washing, cook dinner, shop for veggies, cook apple cake. Oh my goodness! That's normal people stuff! I'm doing normal people stuff!

What's "normal"? I don't know anymore. I told someone today that my normal involves waiting for something bad to take place. I know that's not healthy and abnormal, but its hard to lose that feeling when things have been going wrong for so long.

Thank God, at the moment the FED (favourite eldest daughter) is doing really well.She is back for testing and review soon, and then we'll see what the doctors wish to do next. In the meantime my "normal" involves two weeks home, two weeks down with the girls and lots of driving up and down the west coast.

The weather has started to warm and the sunshine gives us all a glimpse of the summer that is around the corner. Its amazing how a bit of sunshine can make everything seem so much more bearable, even a supposedly abnormal way of life!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Till next


  1. Boy. I'm sure glad I'm not the only one who has to do all this. I FULLY understand this PERFECTLY! On a different note, last weekend I met someone from Australia!

    1. Really? Australia is a lovely country!
      btw out of curiosity what happened to guest blog? And would you like to do one for mine?


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