Friday, 19 September 2014


Boy am I cross!

Today in Australia, the media carried a story about a journalist accused of bullying another about her weight and clothing style. Understandably the woman on the receiving end has had a lot to say about this attack, especially since she's a healthy Australian size 12 (link is below).

If you thought that somehow women today had moved on from being judged about their weight and clothing choices, well LOL wrong you are! It's been happening for ages and will always happen , because ( in my opinion ), people are either jealous or they're simply nasty idiots with too much time on their hands. And unfortunately we're stuck with both groups.

Let's look at the nasty idiot comments first. Many, many years ago I went out with a man who one day turned around and said that he would marry me if I was 52 kg. I was hurt at the time, but now I just laugh at the pure idiocy of someone who would choose a suitable mate based on her body weight! Definitely a nasty idiot comment and for the record I was destined for better things!

Here's another one. My daughter and I, playing tourist in Melbourne walked the full length of Chapel street checking out all the boutiques. I was dressed in shorts, t shirt and runners which obviously were not stylish enough for a certain boutique owner, who refused to acknowledge our existence in her trendy shop. Another, immediately  welcomed me with " we have nothing in your size". Think  Pretty Woman! I have two daughters, two sisters, countless nieces, a mother, sisters in law galore! How dare she judge me based on appearance. Again... another pure nasty, idiot comment!

I've seen it happen with kids too. Wear the trendy gear and you're invited to all the parties and sleep overs. Wear something a little different which maybe fits your personality, then you're weird and odd and destined to sit by yourself in the classroom. I remember trying to explain to a very young daughter that the current trendy jeans were too expensive for Mum to buy. She was heartbroken and too young to understand that real friends don't choose you for your style.

Today's report is more than likely a story about jealousy. I can not see any other reason why one woman would attack another woman in this manner...especially since she is both a healthy weight and styled by some of the best in the job. Or maybe that's exactly the reason! She looks stunning. She has a fabulous personality and she is damn good at her job. Jealousy is indeed a curse.

I spent a bit of time discussing this issue with the FED ( favourite eldest daughter)  today. She has often considered journalism as a career, but doubts her ability to cope with the intense scrutiny on things that really have nothing to do with journalistic skill. She would essentially throw away a career because of the threat of " mean girl" attacks. I would guess she is one of many. How sad that this is happening.

And it's not just journalism where scrutiny and judgement occur. I remember one particular parent teacher interview. I always dressed professionally for work, but more so for any dealings with parents and especially at parent teacher night. On this particular night as the parent left I heard the words " posh bitch" muttered. Still not sure what I did wrong but I suspect it was the style. Wasn't worth a response really!

# Sam Armytage, I watch you every morning and find you to be a breath of fresh air and a true role model for my daughters. I know you will probably never read this but I want to say that I admire your strength and dignity in dealing with yet another personal attack.

Thumbs down to judging a woman according to her appearance.

Thumbs down to  attacking a woman because you're simply jealous.

Double thumbs down when the attack comes from another woman.

Till next

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