Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 BE GONE

It's been a while between posts as I have been busy preparing for Christmas. Those who know me
know I don't believe in the nonsense that goes with New Year, so I won't say I've been preparing for that because I haven't. New Years always seems like an anticlimax and for those of us with rare medical conditions, the promise of a new year with change can seem hollow. It's basically same ***, different year and to pretend that life is going to be any different because it's January 1 is probably somewhat naive for us. But anyway, moving on...

I recently read another blogger's summary of her year ( thanks Heather) and I thought I might try something similar myself. Humour me. It's 12.37am and I'm wide awake. (Note to self - re read in morning).

New Year 2016 - New Year 2017
  1. Number of operations this year for me - 1 ( huge improvement)
  2. Biggest achievement this year - learning how to eat again after my gastric sleeve operation.
  3. Biggest event that messed with my head - 48 kg weight loss! Took a while to get used to.
  4. Event of the year - turning 50
  5. Disappointment of the year - my hair loss and Snape dying.
  6. Favourite holiday - Bali
  7. Biggest surprise - Western Bulldogs winning grandfinal
  8. Happiest moment - a tie between Ashton's graduation and Ciara getting into her hard to get into course.
  9. Area I need to improve on - stamina for work.
  10. Area I improved on this year -  days I managed to work.
  11. Hobby started - crochet
  12. Hobby never started - regular exercise
  13. Favourite food this year - Brie and cruskets 
  14. Medications I stopped - 0
  15. Medications I take a day - 7 ( 😔)
  16. Person I couldn't live without  - my husband
  17. Medical person of the year - the doctor who removed Ashton's giant thyroid 
  18. Medical idiot of the year - same as last
  19. Blog highlight - my series from people also living with CS
  20. 2017 goals - attend not avoid all checkups, plan a 21st for Ciara, make a mandala and virus shawl in crochet, put the past behind me, avoid those who drain me, avoid those who use the phrase " think positive ", drink more good wine, pay it forward when I can, spend time with family, continue to advocate for CS.

Thanks for being a crucial part of my life

Till next

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