Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Everyone needs a happy place, a place you can go to for recharging the batteries. Sometimes you can close your eyes and remember. Other times you get to go there in person.My happy place is Bali, Indonesia, a 3 1/2 hour flight from Perth.

Having just been to Bali 3 months ago, I did not expect to be back so soon. How lucky can one be! We arrived on a late flight after an interesting journey sitting next to an elderly woman who must be in her eighties at least. She was dressed immaculately right down to to the pearl necklace and bracelet and probably would have been more comfortable in first class if the flight had one. When the drinks service started my thoughts were confirmed. The lady asked for a double scotch on the rocks and could not believe her ears when she was told that wasn't possible. " I've flown all over the world and never been refused a scotch" she said. Mark and I chuckled quietly as she continued complaining that she also missed the toiletries bag she normally got in first class. The lady next to her tried to speak to her quietly, but all that happened was " what are they going to do? Eject me?

The flight was quick and pleasant and we soon landed in Bali. Unfortunately we then had to wait one and a half hours for our luggage as due to a very tough drug policy every bag is scanned in Indonesia.  Being a person who travels with loads of medication I always worry about this part, but again they let me through without a problem.

Perth airport had not been so easy. I was " selected" for a full body scan and then they told me there was a suspicious spot on my thigh. I told them it was fat but they patted me down regardless, before deciding it was the folds of my dress! As soon as that was over I was selected for an explosives test! OMG! Do I look that dodgy? The only explosive likely was from my mouth, so I was let go.

Our poor driver had been waiting for us for two hours by the time we found him. The trip to our hotel was reasonably quick with both of us taking in the sounds and smells of Bali we've grown to love, while at the same time wondering how we could possibly avoid hitting the motorbike riders who were everywhere.

It was lovely to be greeted with " welcome home" by the staff. Makes you want to keep coming back.

The night went quickly and soon it was breakfast time. Normally Mark is up and at it first, but today I ended up in breakfast first because I seriously needed a caffeine hit. There were squeals of delight from a couple of the staff who remembered us. One of the older ladies asked me how my stomach
was. I think the look on my face answered her question. Breakfast was mainly fruit. I don't trust my stomach too much here, actually anywhere.

Mid morning we caught the hotel shuttle bus to Kerobokan to find a leather maker everyone has been raving about. He is getting married soon and I think we helped contribute to his wedding fund today. I am so excited to see what this man can do, especially with a piece of fabric I gave him.

Crochet, my current go to hobby, is everywhere as is macrame. There are crochet tops, hangings, bikinis, light covers etc and all are beautiful. With that in mind I went to a shop that caters for all crafts and I swear I started hyperventilating. I have never, ever seen such beautiful beads and braids. I also hope that Jetstar don't mind the 5 kg of crochet cotton I bought. Oops!

The day ended with a swim, happy hour for cocktails ( and yes I drank both in the 2 for1 offer), a magnificent sunset that Bali is famed for and an excellent local style dinner of which my stomach handled very little. Will this food nightmare ever end?

Bed time. Mark has TV blaring. Hope the neighbours are as deaf as I think he is.

Till next

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