Wednesday, 1 February 2017


There is nothing more irritating to me than the sound of someone tapping their pen repeatedly on a
table and so when I found myself in this situation this afternoon, I gritted my teeth and waited for it to stop. It didn't.

Now the person in question is a 12 year old boy and my experience with this age group is that pretty much , NOT MUCH, resides in their head. I mean they have a brain and all that, but it's obvious that the brain is in a try before you buy phase. Let's call the boy Ryan because that's not his name.

" Ryan, I'd really like it if you stop tapping your pencil and use it instead to do some work".
" Ok miss" ( I'm eternally unmarried in public school).
I watched as Ryan looked me straight in the eye and started tapping his pencil again. This little sod is now upping the ante.
Take 2 - " Ryan please don't tap your pencil. It's very distracting to everyone ."
" Ok Miss"
Once more he looks me in the eye and continued tapping.
" Ok Ryan, make a choice, keep tapping and you'll lose the pencil and have other consequences OR stop tapping and do your work"
" But if you take my pencil, I can't do my work!" ( flipping 12 year old male logic).
" Make a choice!"
" I'll do my work"
" Good choice. Well done.
He then proceeded to once again look me in the eye and tap the pencil.
" Oh Ryan bad choice, 5 minutes detention after school.
"Why?" ( is this kid for real???)
" We'll discuss it after school.
Ryan then proceeds to do one whole minute work without tapping. He is joined at detention by another darling with over active vocal cords.
" Why have I kept you in Ryan?"
" Err dunno "
" Well maybe I have to let you sit quietly for a while till you come up with a reason."
" I didn't do my work".
" No"
" I talked too much".
" No".
" Any other reason you can think of?" ( shakes head).
Another couple of minutes to think while I dispatched vocal cords.
" Anything new Ryan?"
" Was it the pencil?"

The story concluded with a discussion about him looking me in the eye and deliberately doing the wrong thing. He repeated to me what he had done wrong and told me what he would do differently next time.


Day 1 - school is back and the teaching of social skills and manners is up and running.

Till next

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