Monday, 22 December 2014


Today for a moment everything felt so " normal". The husband was mowing the lawn, the favourite youngest daughter ( FYD), home for a visit was cooking and I sat quietly sipping my new vanilla coffee from Bali. We attended church in the morning and had friends call over mid morning. We then had family and more friends come to visit in the afternoon and exchanged Christmas greetings and cards and caught up on all the gossip.

I remember telling students not to use the word " nice" because it was too general. Well, I'm about to break my own rule because today was " nice". It made me feel good. It made me feel normal. As I said to my sister in law, you could almost think the problems in this family are finished, that all is well and life is peaceful.

I wish that was the case. 

Christmas will come and then we will see in another year where only God knows what is in store for us with doctors, hospitals etc. In the meantime we wait and go through the motions of Christmas and New Year. 

This year I'm done with New Year's resolutions so there will be none from me. How can you keep resolutions when your life is continually messed about?  Instead of resolutions I'm compiling a list of my New Year's wishes. I've thought long and hard about these. What do you think?

For the FED ( favourite eldest daughter) I wish good health and a body that does what it should do. I wish her inner strength to continue and her determination to fight to never leave her. I wish her continued success in studies and for the world to know what she is capable of.

For the FYD I wish patience and self knowledge. I wish for her to have a family life that does not revolve around medical drama and for her own inner strength to deal with it, if this can't be granted. I wish her opportunities to sing, dance, act and everything that makes her and others around her happy.

For the husband I wish a never ending bottle of Bintang beer and more opportunities to rest. I wish the weight of the world off his shoulders and ( now I'm pushing it), a money tree to grow in the back yard.

For myself I wish stamina to last the distance, even when the end posts are moved. I wish patience to accept what I can't control or change and the energy to push on regardless.

I hope you have the chance to make some wishes of your own.

Till next

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